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Dancefloor Paris, the line dancing classes that will take you away

Dancefloor Paris, the line dancing classes that will take you away

Created by two women during childbirth, the dance studio Dancefloor Paris offers online classes and second-hand dance items.

A dance studio recently created by two women, Dancefloor Paris has adapted to confinement.the platform offers online classes.in the meantime a physical place which is meant to be the temple of the democratization of dance.

When Rachel Vanier and her partner Fanny Seroka decided to open Dancefloor Paris, their dance studio, she had no idea the whole world was going to be asked to stay at home. Within a week, she decided to change their plan. “It was the confinement that gave us the idea of offering online classes,” she says. “Online, it all happened very quickly, within three days our site was ready.”

A different approach to dance

Dancefloor Paris sees dance in a radically different way: “We see dance as a very liberating and joyful activity,” explains Rachel Vanier. All the classes are fun-focused, for example, we’re holding a Booty Shake masterclass on June 6 (1).The goal is to learn how to move your booty like Nicki Minaj. We even encourage people to dress up like in Dirty Dancing. The teacher is Maimouna, the inventor of booty therapy. “We wanted to do something that would allow people to escape and not just be abs/gluts.”

Very often, dance studios are opened by former dancers who see dance as a sport and not as a moment of relaxation. Dance has to evolve, like yoga. 30 years ago, you had to go to an ashram in India to practise it.Today, there’s a studio in every neighbourhood,” says Vanier, who wants to be a catalyst for transforming dance practice. “Most dance studios don’t have the right hours, the reception is intimidating, it’s often not in your neighbourhood. You want to progress without becoming a professional dancer.” And there are very few classes online.

The podcast to listen to

Unique courses

Dancefloor Paris offers a selection of courses unique in Europe, with teachers recruited both in London and at the Paris Opera. Fans can choose from 30 classes. It is very easy to register online. Each class costs 10 $ (8 $ for masterclasses of one and a half hours). Classes are given via Zoom.The teachers see their students and correct them during the lesson. On Wednesday afternoons, the studio offers classes for 4-12 year olds. “Our obsession has been to recruit the best teachers,” explains Rachel Vanier. Often, the classes are given by great dancers, but they are not necessarily good teachers.” Rachel and her partner, for example, went to London to try out a bunch of classes for three days to recruit the teachers.


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