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"In Madagascar, dance and music are experienced before being learned"

With his first feature film, Haingosoa (released on March 4), Edouard Joubeaud follows the journey of a Malagasy girl-mother.Without money, she has to temporarily leave her child to join a dance company and earn a little money.argent in the capital, Antananarivo, a film on the border between documentary and fiction, very sweet, and in which artistic practices and transmission play a primordial role.

Where does this taste for Madagascar come from?

I carried out development projects with Unesco there, I discovered a fascinating and very rich country, I learned a lot there, about myself and about France.It has always been a country of the heart .Through Haingosoa, I brought together people that I met during my stays, people who evolve in the world of music or dance.I had a great time telling a story for reveal what is beautiful in this country.

Haingosoa started from a short film, how did the film develop?

I have been the internationally renowned dancer and musician Remanindry for ten years in southwestern Madagascar.I befriended his family.One day, during one of my visits, I was stopped by one of her daughters, Haingosoa Loharano Vola She had a 2 year old girl in her arms She told me that she had had it with her ex boyfriend, that she had to keep the as a child under family pressure and her boyfriend then refused to recognize her, I thought to myself that this could be the starting point of a short film that would show how to invent a better future.

Posted Date: 2020-07-29

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